Domillin was founded in January 2018 by Mark Plummer, PhD. Mike Chen was appointed Domillin CEO in March.

Mark is a Medicinal Chemist at the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery (YCMD). Mark received a BA in Chemistry from Colby College and a PhD in Organic Synthesis from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After receiving his PhD, Mark was awarded a NIH postdoctoral fellowship for research at Stanford University.  Before joining  YCMD, Mark led medicinal chemistry efforts for the design of siderophore conjugated monobactam Gram-negative agents at Pfizer where he was employed for 21 years. Prior to research in antibacterial drug discovery, Mark worked in oncology and inflammation therapeutic areas where he led several projects that reached clinical trials. Mark is recognized amongst his colleagues as a scientist who finds significant scientific breakthroughs.


Mike is a Medicinal Chemist with considerable antibacterial experience. Mike received his BS degree in Chemistry in China and a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Kansas State University. Mike began his career in industry as a Senior Research Associate at Bayer. He was promoted to Research Scientist within two years for his outstanding performance. After six years at Bayer, Mike moved to Pfizer serving in several positions over 18 years of employment eventually reaching the title Principal Scientist. While at Pfizer, Mike was responsible for leading medicinal chemistry teams in programs to discover new therapeutics for oncology and infectious diseases. His efforts have been recognized by several awards that highlight the extent of his ingenuity and exceptional performance.


Additional team members include:

Robert Bonomo, M.D. A widely recognized authority on testing antibacterial agents and beta lactamases.

Denton Hoyer, Ph.D. Computational Medicinal Chemist who led antibacterial projects at Pfizer.

Dennis Wright, Ph.D. Synthetic and Medicinal Chemist with expertise in antibacterial and natural product synthesis.

Brad Spellberg, M.D. Leading world authority on bacterial resistance and excellent in vivo model expertise.

David Nicolau, Ph.D. Leading world authority on in vivo animal models for antibiotic testing and development.


In the News

Domillin submitted an application for most recent STTR funding cycle.


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